• Conflict communication science
  • Self-Connection Process   Unleash your power
  • Empathy first   Reach solution faster

Training A

  • Negotiation Model  
  • Internal Mediation -- overview  Re-Frame external conflicts powerfully
  • Intensity Exercise
  • Key Skills including:  Tracking, Connection Requests, Solution Requests and Agreements

Training B

  • Multi-Party Agreement Facilitation Model
  • Internal Mediation
  • Negotiation Preparation Process   Deconstruct limiting ideas about parties prior to negotiation
  • Learning Process    Evaluate and learn from the past without judgement, blame toward self or others
  • Remaining Key Skills

Training C: untying the future from the past

  • Healing & Reconciliation
  • Helping Parties Make Amends
  • Chooser - Educator  Healing from self-judgement about the past

between training:  practice, coaching, and support  builds habits

The above describes multi-day trainings; shorter trainings will center on elements relevant for participant group.  Participants may begin with any training, without prior knowledge; Foundations are embedded in all trainings. 

If you would like direct mediation, facilitation, or real-time coaching support, please contact us.  While our focus is on supporting skill-building, we will support as able with direct facilitation in unanticipated or crisis situations of a political nature.