Elly van Laar, Trainer & Coach

elly van laar

Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

Elly van Laar has been a coach, facilitator, and mediator since 2002. Her work and training have focused on individual growth across groups of all ages and backgrounds. She has over 20 years of experience in working with individuals and organizations to enhance personal and professional effectiveness, and to inspire compassion and collaboration. Elly's expertise is to guide others through the process of development and change in attitude, behaviour and communication.  

Elly has over six years and 500 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness, with more than 10 experts in this field. Elly uses a variety of evidence-based resources to assist clients to elaborate on their (inter)personal strengths. Her vitality, integrity and ability to foster a climate of partnership motivate clients to maximize their contribution and optimize collaboration.  

Clients who have worked with Elly appreciate her compassion, listening skills, and ability to understand the essence of their issue. They acknowledge her unconditional acceptance as a safe container to explore new behaviour and communication skills. They report an increased satisfaction in their personal relationships, work environment, and personal well-being. They value the tools they received to maintain these changes beyond their work with Elly.  

Elly holds a Masters degree in Political Science from Leiden University, The Netherlands in 1991. Prior to establishing her coaching and consulting practice in the USA she has worked in the The Netherlands (The Hague) with various medium-sized nonprofits and individuals.