training faq's

Who is eligible to participate?

Political leaders and those who want to be.  Including: elected and appointed officials, candidates for political office, senior political staffers, grassroots leaders and movement organizers.  Participants may be of any nationality and political persuasion.

How many trainers lead each session?

Multi-day trainings are led by a pair of senior trainers, at least one trainer-in-training, and at least one seasoned team member assigned to participant support.

Are trainings residential?

Some trainings are residential, located in a retreat site away from the seat of decision-making to maximize transformation, and some are non-residential, located to allow for traveling and scheduling ease.


let's co·create !

I would like to become a trainer.  How can I do this?

We are excited to explore this work with you!  Please connect with us about next steps.

My organization works in a complimentary capacity and we should really partner - can we talk?

Yes, please!  Contact us

I would like to bring your training to my legislature, Council, or other political leadership - how can I do this?

Please reach out to us about exploring this together! 

I am involved with a political issue and I really need a mediator / facilitator on a quick timeline - I don't have time to try to learn these tools myself before this issue comes to the table - can you help me?

Yes - in unexpected or crisis situations, we will work to provide a mediator or facilitator, though this may be at cost.  Please contact us.

I am not a political leader, but I would like to bring your training to my organization/business or explore it for my personal relationships.  How can I do this?

Thank you for the question.  Ayeish exists to deepen the conflict transformation capacities of political leaders.  If you contact us, we may be able to point you in the direction of some resources to support your needs.

I have energy, creativity, skills, and/or other capital, and I'd like to support this work.

Please contact us!  Thank you!