Ike Lasater, Foundational Curriculum Co-Developer


Foundational Curriculum Co-Developer

Ike is a mediator, international trainer, and coach, and co-founded the training company Mediate Your Life.   Ike is the co-author of Choosing Peace: New Ways to Communicate to Reduce Stress, Create Connection, and Resolve Conflict, and of Words That Work in Business: A Practical Guide to Effective Communication in the Workplace.  Ike has served on the mediation panel for the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (2003–2009) and the board of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (2005–2008).  His background is in law.  For 20 years Ike was a high-stakes litigation lawyer in the federal and state courts of California. He co-founded Banchero & Lasater, a 20-person law firm that specialized in complex multiparty commercial and environmental cases.   Ike also co-founded the Yoga Journal.  Ike recently moved to New Haven, Connecticut to live in the same city as his children and grandchildren.