middle east


After Ayeish's 2016 workshop at Etilaf headquarters, we are now working to support Syrian-led peace initiatives to bring together Syrians across the political spectrum to identify and unite around shared vision and principles.


Democratic Republic of Congo

We are building a support structure for Congolese peace activists working on national-level needs-based dialogue for peace, stability, & freedom for the DRC.  Violence is flaring around both mineral/resource access in the east and exploited ethnic divisions in Kasai, and there remains a fragile window in which to begin to implement elections and power-transition structures.



Shahab 1.jpg

Ayeish's video-based experiment with Afghan civil society activists in Kunar province supports capacity-building as well as immediate strategy development on issues including negotiations with local government officials and leaders on corruption, education, and security.  Photo from collaborator Matiullah Shahab, leader of Kunar's all-volunteer Afghan Youth Civil Stream civil society organization.