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Shoshi Morginn, Trainer

Shoshi Morginn

Senior Trainer

As a Needs-Based Consultant and Mediator, Shoshi Morginn is passionate about social change, seeing conflict as raw material for connection - and as an indicator of deeper, unmet organizational needs.  After more than 30 concurrent years in Cardiac Intensive Care Nursing and Developmental Consulting, in 2006 she accelerated her Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Mediation skills through John Kinyon's and Ike Lasater's Mediate Your Life, supporting shared passions as an organizer, assistant and facilitator of their immersion trainings across the United States through 2014.

She now takes an embodied empathic capacity into her own community of Mt. Shasta, California, and into other communities and organizations through her consultant work with Marie Miyashiro (Elucity/ICGlobally) and Gregg Kendrick (Basileia/ICGlobally), focused on re-humanizing the workplace and changing how we do business in the world.  She finds high value and satisfaction using a "whole systems" approach to change, along with the needs-based principles of NVC, to facilitate groups in creating their own futures. 

Shoshi sees the work she does as congruent with her care for Heart and Global Health, and in close alignment with her traditional indigenous values.  For more about Shoshi, visit her LinkedIn profile.